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作者: sdfsf649    時間: 2013-12-18 23:36     標題: Ugg Boots Gunstig and chili

. It is available in rough brown leather and smooth, black waterproof leather. For a dress shoe, men may want to try the Tariki - Walnut Oiled leather shoe. Still within the MBT family, this shoe has four laces and comes in a rich burnished brown. For casual days, Ecco makes several men?s sandals ? all MBT models. The men?s Kisumu sandal in chocolate nubuck has the special sole for walking and two thick straps that provide ample support to the foot. It is also available in two variations: black nubuck and black nubuck with grey trim.Women wanting the support of MBT shoes have nearly as many selections to choose from as the men. They can choose from athletic shoes similar to the men?s models ? like the Chapa in ebony suede and mesh, as well as coffee brown,Ugg Boots Gunstig, birch nubuck and mesh,Ugg Schuhe, and chili (red) nubuck and mesh. For some color and fun,, try the Lami Mary-Jane in purple suede. It sports grey leather trim and a Velcro strap to break up the purple. Like the shoe,Ugg Stiefel, but want to tone down the color? It also comes in caviar

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